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Lockbund Gallery, Lockbund Sculpture Foundry, Art Gallery, Art Exhibition

Simon and Jane Allison held their first exhibition of sculpture in the garden of their home in 1991. The following year their casting business was relocated from London to a purpose build building on the grounds which housed the foundry as well as a dedicated studio/ gallery space.


This began a programme of exhibitions showcasing the works of Simon and Jane alongside other local artists and later including foundry clients and annually in Oxfordshire Art Weeks. The Gallery has created a thriving collaborative relationship with local, regional and international artists and galleries and has become a space to access contemporary art in a  rural setting.


The Gallery also hosts artist in residency programmes, supporting early career artists through the process of making work from design and concept to material experimentation and  production and casting with realised works shown in exhibitions held in the studio gallery.


Parallel to this the gallery and foundry have also supported work experience placements from several local schools (Chenderit, Warriner, NOA, Chipping Norton, Magdalen, Oxford & Cherwell Valley College) allowing students to have a placement in the studio/ foundry with a view to exploring their artistic capabilities and fostering an interest in creative careers. 

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