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Artist residency culminating in Installation:
Lovely Aliens


"I like to treat the exhibition, its space, as a workshop/atelier/studio. A place where I can experiment, improvise, go through ideas. I like to get an excitement from making art, a physical feeling, and at the moment for me the best way to achieve this it is to go through this process. Don't be afraid when things go differently from what was previously planned but, on the opposite, be fascinated by it. Welcome its capacity of opening up possibilities.

In recent years, my work starts in my van: I take with me all my tools, materials, older works, half formed ideas, moulds, objects etc accumulated over the past few years. If they will be necessary or not, I don't make many decisions in this sense beforehand. I guess they also provide me with a grounding effect, knowing that my past is here with me and it can help in shaping my future. It gives me a sense of continuity that can be important when so much is at stake, at least on an emotional level. Having said that, continuity is not necessarily a value for me, it can be very limiting and self indulgent. But I find that it can help with the process, even if it is by tearing it apart. 

All these elements represent my palette if you want, my colours. I need everything to be there with me, even if I know from the start that only a small part will be used. I like to see them as raw materials, to be used and abused every different time. For the exhibition “Lovely aliens” most of the work is new, produced during the month long residency at Lockbund gallery. What is not new, it has been reinvented, modified.


Improvising is also an important part of my work. I guess it partly comes from my interest in music, the pleasure of interacting with other people, jamming around an open fire, a love for the unexpected.  It's a world made out of instincts, temporary connections, mingling of different tastes, different backgrounds and different aspirations. The results do have an interestingly schizophrenic feel".

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