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Jane Hamilton

Jane Hamilton was born in Suffolk, England, she spent the first six years of her life in West Africa, a vivid childhood experience that has had a profound and lasting effect on her work.


Her formal training began at Falmouth School of Art, then on to the City and Guilds School of Art in London. At a later period she studied part time at the Sir John Cass School, London.

Jane's figurative work is in private collections in America, New Zealand, Canada, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Japan and England.

‘I love the elegance, the sensuality and dignity that, for me, are such an integral part of native African culture.I have always been drawn to the 'feet in the dust' feel of people, the essential strength or vulnerability that exists in all of us when everything else is stripped away.I like sculptures to be uplifting, to have a sensual feel and beauty that can touch the inner emotions that we all have, but often tend to ignore.'


Jane Hamilton.

Camel Rest
Enfold - detail
Father and Child - detail
Scratching Goat
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