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Loredana Nemes

At age 14, Loredana Nemes was forced to leave her home, a Romanian town called Sibiu, to settle in Germany. It’s one thing to leave your home town to go to college, having just graduated from high school. But it’s quite another having to leave your home town, to find yourself on the other side of a large political divide.


For the last 30 years Loredana has been exploring this fractured sense of identity not only in her own personal life but in the wider sense of dislocated communities across Europe. Blossom is from a series of works drawn from the spring awakening of the natural world and the blossoming of teenage life. 

Kemal Neukoelln 2009
Cherry Blossoms 2012
Fatih Kreuzberg 2009
Bueyuek Adana Neukoelln 2009
Laura, Jakob & Hannah 2012
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