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Andrea Schulewitz

Born 1955, Andrea studied at West Sussex College of Art and Design, subsequently learnt traditional stone carving from fellow sculptor John Joekes, with whom she worked and exhibited with between 1977 and 1984. Andrea completed several large commissions at this time.


An extended visit to New York marked the beginning of Andrea’s  interest in conceptual and minimal art. Construction and picture making became increasingly important to her work. Following a period in design, architecture and teaching whilst living in London, she began a series of large drawings of artefacts from early cultures in the great London collections and museums sparking her interest in fundamental and primitive forms.


Moving to Suffolk in 1989 whilst continuing in her architectural practice, her interest in ancient and symbolic art remained evident in her return to stone carving. Abstract and natural forms were to become foremost in both sculpture and picture making of this period.


Returning to Sussex in 1997, her work has become more distilled, concerned with light on material and the optical effects achieved using colour in her sculpture and painting.


Reckless Kiss
Reckless Kiss
Circle 2467
Geode 2463
Red Square II
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