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 Olivia Baxh

Olivia Bax (b. 1988, Singapore) lives and works in London. She studied BA Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art, London (2007-2010) and MFA Sculpture at Slade School of Fine Art, London (2014-2016).



"Concrete, bronze & lead: in my one month residency at Lockbund, I had the opportunity to try three new materials. My process nearly always incorporates a three-dimensional linear steel drawing which becomes the framework or armature on to which I add solid sections. To create those in my own studio, I have been mixing my own paper pulp, made by recycling shredded newspapers and discarded household paint.  The material that I produce is light and malleable. So it was quite a departure for me to work with steel and concrete at Lockbund to make 'Hot Air', my first outdoor sculpture.  Nevertheless, some aspects felt familiar.  For instance, I found that I could mix the concrete to a consistency where I was able to pat and smear the concrete in place. Like the paper pulp, the surface recorded the making process. 


Having the opportunity to make bronze sculptures was a huge privilege. I was most excited about making the wax sections around the steel armatures and investing the whole sculpture. Lead is the most pliant metal I have used. It was surprising how easy it was to form with a hammer and my hands. 


I can see scope to continue exploring work using all three materials. I am so grateful to Simon, Janey and all the staff at Lockbund for giving me their time and expertise and opening my eyes to new possibilities of working."

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Hot Air
Vide Poche (Bubblegum)
Vide Poche (Weave)
Vide Poche (Denim)
Vide Poche (Conker)
Vide Poche (Pumpkin) - Detail
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