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Maria Positano presents a new body of work made from recycled steel structures, uncovered by the artist during her site visits to salvage yards and scrap metal dealers. These steel structures have been shaped to resemble anthropological forms, and are coated with a variety of aged and malleable materials. A tar-coloured resin compound from the 1960’s, various waxes, acrylic nails and intricate gold gilding give a second lease of life to these once discarded items. 

Positano is interested in metamorphoses, drawing on references to ancient Greek legends. There’s Icarus, who famously flew too close to the sun but was also warned that a flight too close to the waves could also seal his fate. The story of the birth of Venus, an icon of beauty who was created from the combination of her father’s discarded genitalia and soapy sea scum. A running thread in Positano’s practice is the sourcing of neglected or abandoned materials, that can be elevated to a higher status, through the artist’s intervention. 

Take Me Somewhere Nice           
Maria Positano at Lockbund Gallery
guest-curated by Georgia Stephenson.

Plus publication – Take Me Somewhere Nice, And Tell Me How To Get There
featuring: Natalia Janula, Chris Dorsett + Maria Dolfini.

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